Best Breweries in Europe

European countries are well known for their fantastic beer; they literally invented it centuries ago! What’s even more impressive is that breweries in Europe are still leading the industry in quality, and that’s astounding, considering the unstoppable craft brew revolution in every corner of the earth.

Here are the three best craft breweries in Europe, authentic temples for good beer and projects that inspire brewers worldwide. See if you’ve tried some of their beers, and if you haven’t, do so! This is beer to look out for, simply the best of the best!

Cantillon, Belgium

Brewers in Belgium are known for their classic beer styles, but there’s some innovation going on, especially at Cantillon. The brewery goes back to 1900, and it’s bringing back the gueuze beer styles to the mainstream. The tangy beer is artisanally made with century-old processes. Still, gueuze beers feel young and modern.

Beer to try: Gueuze, a blend of lambic beers made in an 18th-century style with 5.5% ABV and funky, fruit-forward flavors.

Brewdog, Scotland

With breweries in both Scotland and the US, Brewdog is one of the largest craft breweries in Scotland. It’s amazing the brewery opened its doors as early as 2007; the inventiveness and creativity in Brewdogs beers are unmatched. James Watt and Martin Dickie are behind this project, and the founders’ edgy, punk attitude has made their beer immensely popular.

Beer to try: Punk IPA, an intensely flavorful 5.6% ABV Pale Ale.

Mikkeller, Denmark

Brewer extraordinaire Mikkel Borg Bjergsø is behind this innovative craft brewery founded in 2006. What started as a nomad brewing company, it’s now established in Copenhagen with an active presence online. It comes without saying the beer from Mikkeller is available in the most prestigious restaurants in the world, including the famous NOMA. It also sells beer in specialized stores from San Francisco to Singapore.

Beer to try: The Game of Thrones-inspired beer called House Mikkeller, a limited edition 5.5% ABV New England IPA

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