Bock Beers You Have to Try

German beers have always been amongst the world’s most classic styles. The country’s unique malts, hops and techniques have shaped the world of beer as we know it. Along with some of the most underrated German beer styles, there’s the Bock. Here are some Bock beers that will make you think of beer differently.

What is Bock beer anyway? Although there are many types of Bock beer styles, the term usually refers to a Spring specialty. A malty beer made with Munich malts and flavored with German noble hops. The beer is balanced and nicely grainy with a caramel-like character and a deep-gold to light amber color. These are our favorite Bock beers today.

1. La Trappe Bockbier. The best of Bock beers.

Bierbrouwerij De Koningshoeven B.V.


This authentic Trappist brewery is all about classic beer styles, and amongst their many authentic beer treasures, they have this wonderful Bock. Yellowish with ruby hues, this beer is brimming with caramel, roasted nuts and freshly baked bread aromas. Spicy and banana undertones dominate the palate along with the unmistakable flavors of honeyed barley malt. What a nice brew!

2. St. Nikolaus Bock Bier.

Pennsylvania Brewing Company


This is a very old brewery in Pennsylvania going back to 1986. They champion German beer styles and know the Bock style like the palm of their hands. Released every spring, this amber beer shows baked bread, hints of chocolate and dried fruit over a malty core. The earthy hops play a supporting role in a beautifully balanced Bock that would make any German proud.

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3. Schell’s Bock.

August Schell Brewing Company


This brewery in Minnesota goes back for generations to an authentic German brewer immigrating to the States. Released from January to March, this beauty has 6% ABV and a noticeable bitterness of 24 IBU. The maltiness and Bavarian spirit is strong in this one and make the beer one good ambassador for the category.

These are some of the best Bock beers in the market. Did we miss your favorite Bock? Let us know!

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