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The world is an oyster for many beer connoisseurs hunting for exciting new culinary experiences. And also, mapping out different regions for the most renowned microbreweries, craft breweries and pubs for the best Brewery and Beer Travel tours

Are you one of those connoisseurs?

Do you get this bubbling urge to get the Framboise from the barrel?

To meet the hoarder of the best-stash brewer?

Or experience exceptional beer tastings and visits that come with a world of this flavorful and thirst-quenching beverage?

If you are all that, then we have curated a list of the most sought-after beer tours across the globe.

Let’s get started.

Heineken Brewery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Heineken is the most exciting tourist attraction in Amsterdam.

Heineken Brewery was built in 1867 and was its main brewery until 1988 when a new modern factory was built in Amsterdam’s outskirts.

A tour of the factory takes nearly one and a half hours. All the subtleties of brewing are exhibited amusingly. This is the most famous beer museum and tour across the globe.

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Carlsberg Brewery, Copenhagen, Denmark*

Carlsberg history dates back to 1847; it is among the oldest breweries in northern Europe with a magnificent history and tradition. The tour to Carlsberg Brewery takes you through the awe-inspiring history of the widely adored Carlsberg beer brand.

The unique exhibits and interactive models enthral visitors to this brewery. Most of the visitors are impressed by viewing the world’s largest beer collection. The tour includes a visit to the stables with large Jutland draft horses, reminding tourists of the history when beer was distributed to the consumer exclusively by horse carts.

St James’ Brewery, Dublin, Ireland

St James’s Brewery, Guinness’s central warehouse, is the world’s beer Mecca. Strictly speaking, the local excursion is not a brewer tour, but the action takes place in the very centre of the colossal Guinness complex, which continues to delight its fans with its famous beer and works round the clock.

There is a lot to learn for the visitors about how beer is made and, in particular, how Guinness is made! On the six floors, tourists are offered interactive exhibits worth experiencing, including information on adverse drinking habits and the consequences of drunk driving.

Tsingtao Brewery, Qingdao, China

No tour in Qingdao is complete without a visit to the Brewery (Qingdao Pijiuchang), east of the main port in the city’s industrial part. They say that the best beer in Asia is brewed here.

The water is taken from the springs of the nearby Laoshan Mountain. Tsingtao beer (Tsingtao – an old pronunciation of Qingdao) is sold throughout China and exported worldwide.

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Tiger Brewery, Singapore

The pride of Hokkaido Prefecture is the Sapporo Beer Museum, the only beer museum in Japan. The museum was opened in 1987. Among the oldest beers in Singapore, Sapporo Beer has been there since 1877 and is currently produced and sold worldwide.

The Sapporo Beer Museum receives more than 150 thousand visitors every year, and in the museum, visitors will be offered not only to get acquainted with its exhibits but also to taste fresh beer. The bar and beer gardens are popular attractions and pride of the city.

Final Say

There is no singular place to get your beer cravings curbed. But make sure you at least visit the places we have shortlisted to get the tip-of-the-iceberg experience.

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Go for a wornderfull vacation and be surprised!

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