Brewery Tours in New England

New England is becoming a hot spot for beer lovers and the center of the ongoing craft beer revolution. A massive number of enthusiastic small breweries champion many styles of beer, especially the now-famous New England IPA or Hazy IPA. Have a look at the best Brewery Tours in New England.

The best way to enjoy New England beer is to visit the breweries; brewers in the state are happy to receive beer enthusiasts and share some brewing knowledge. The best way of seeing the hottest breweries is by taking a Brewery Tour. These are our favorites for this season.

Private Massachusetts Beer Tours

Whether you’re celebrating your birthday and looking for a fun team-building experience or want to take your family on a tour, Private Massachusetts Beer Tours

Is what you’re looking for. Groups of under 12 people are taken to New England’s finest breweries, and they can also show you around the most thrilling distilleries, cider makers and vineyards! All trips are fully customized, so they’ll make sure they meet your needs.

New England Brewery Tours

Tours organized by beer lovers for beer lovers. The folks at New England Brewery Tours really know their stuff. An average tour includes visiting three top breweries around New England and lunch at a local eatery for a five-hour immersive experience with lots of information and a few laughs. Ideal for small groups of friends, bachelor trips, expect lots of beer sampling, and lesser-known breweries.

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City Brew Tours

For grown-up vacations and lots of beer-related activities, City Brew Tours will not disappoint. The company offers three public tours: the MetroWest Brew Tour, the Sip of Boston Tour, and the Original Brew Tour. They have private tours for you and your friends too. City Brew Tours works with thirteen of the most respected breweries in New England, so you can take the tours several times without having to repeat breweries!

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