What Are Historical Beers?

All beers and beer styles have their history. That’s what we love about the malty drink — it tells stories. Of course, even cheap commercial lagers have a story, but some stories are more dramatic than others. See some of the greatest historical beers ever.

There’s a beer category amongst connoisseurs called Historical Beers, and it includes some exciting brews! Some folks still produce some of these beers, while others have been lost in history.

The good news? Historical beers are trending right now, so you’ll find some of them in the market soon. Here’s all you need to know about Historical beer styles and why you’ll love them.

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What are historical beers, anyway?

Historical beer styles include styles that have died out and others that were once popular but not anymore. Some of these beers have a significant cultural weight and can go as back for centuries. Here are some of the most exciting historical beer styles.


Pronounced Goh-zeh, this once popular style of highly carbonated wheat beer, has a lovely coriander scent and hints of salinity, which makes it irresistible. An original style from Leipzig, Gose was super trendy in the 1900s. This beer style is coming back in full force.

Kentucky Common

An All-American style, this dark beer was malty and dry with refreshing carbonation. Created in Louisville, Kentucky, before the Prohibition, this beer is special because brewers added corn grits to the grain bill. We really hope we see this style back soon!

Pre-Prohibition Lager

If you like lagers, you’ll love this historical style. These beers were created with a unique corn aroma and a natural malty sweetness and were quite sophisticated! Not dissimilar to a modern premium Czech lager, this was lager done right.

What are your favorite historical beer styles? Luckily, we’ll see them on the shelves shortly!

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