Which are the Highest Rated Craft Beers?

The craft beers scene is booming. There are more new breweries today than ever before. The quality is better than ever, too. Brewers are pushing the limits of craft beer to unforeseen levels. More hops, more appealing adjuncts, and newly created beer styles. What’s not to love?

For craft beer, the sky’s the limit, and we’re the ones reaping the benefits. If you’re a beer fan, every day is like a holiday. The question is, which are the highest-rated craft beers today? Here are the top-rated beers with over 1,500 online reviews. This is the crème de la crème. Interestingly, the three best-rated beers today are stouts, proving the category is stronger than ever. See if you’ve tried them!

1. Marshmallow Handjee. The best of craft beers?

3 Floyds Brewing Co.

Stout – Russian Imperial | 15.00%

Rating: 4.81/5.0

This dark-as-night stout is aged in several Bourbon barrels to gain caramel and vanilla aromas that just swoon you off your feet. The palate is malty and balanced with layered flavors reminiscent of dark chocolate, marshmallows and Bourbon. Brewing outstanding beer since 1996, the Indiana brewery certainly makes some of the finest beer in the world.

2. Hunahpu’s Imperial Stout – Double Barrel Aged

Cigar City Brewing

Stout – American Imperial | 11.00%

Rating: 4.78/5.0

Inspired by Mayan mythology, Cigar City Brewing in Tampa created this astounding chocolate stout with an assertive 60 bitterness units. Aged in Bourbon barrels, and just like the number one beer in our list, this is a robust Stout. There’s a clear trend going on here.

2. (tied) Barrel-Aged Abraxas

Perennial Artisan Ales

Stout – American Imperial | 11.00%

Rating: 4.78/5.0

This microbrewery in Missouri is doing everything right. With just five years in the market, they now offer the second (tied) best beer in the world, the Barrel-Aged Abraxas American Imperial Stout. Brewed with ancho chile, cacao nibs, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks, this is a feast for your senses.

There you have it! Stouts are dominating the beer market even over popular styles like the IPA. Is this a trend or Stouts are here to stay?

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